A Big Race in the Big Apple




Our warehouse is located just a stone’s throw from New York City – one of the most exciting cities in the world.   Your Dash Club participants can enjoy top quality dining, world-class theater, renowned music, professional sports and a range of mini-cultures from Harlem to little Italy.  Whatever you choose,  the Big Apple offers the best in class!


Our team is ready to assist with every decision point including length of “dash time”, award budget, runners, dates/times and exciting New York City sightseeing and accommodations.


A typical configuration for your Dash Club might include:

 • A group celebration dinner on Friday evening where dashers hear about the dash and start to make their race plan.

   Key elements:

   - Introductions and recognition of the winners

   - An overview of race day, including schedule and appropriate attire

   - Determination of the order that dashers will run – usually a fun drawing or game

   - Free time to explore New York

   - Saturday morning transfer to the warehouse where your top race teams are welcomed with cheers, a red carpet entrance and refreshments

   - Dash Club begins!

   - Welcome from the MC

   - Dash Review – each team has time to review the product selection and plot their course – usually 30 minutes.

   - One by one, the teams begin their Dash…each dash is 60 to 90 seconds, depending on your budget

   - One team member pushes the race cart, while the other pulls product from the aisles and places it in the race cart.

     Back-up carts are also  placed at key points along the track.

   - When time is up, all products in the race cart are tallied and stacked on a pallet ready for shipment to the address each team specifies.

     Most ship within 3 days after the event.


• At the end of the dash, participants are transferred back to their hotel


• The remainder of the weekend is either free time to explore New York, or  per-planned events that you select.

   It could be a ball game, Broadway play, museum tour, a trip to the Statue of Liberty or any of the excitements that NYC has to offer.